Tent with AC Port

Tent with AC Port

Comfort is one thing all of us look for wherever we go. Tents with AC ports aim to provide that comfort so that you do not feel any discomfort if you’re camping at a hot place or setting up an AC in your tent in the backyard.

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What are AC port tents?

Buyer’s Guide: What to ensure while buying a tent with AC port

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What are these?

Air Conditioner is one of the most wanted essentials in summers, and some people prefer placing them in tents too. Some canopies have an ac port so that an air conditioner is installed to provide cooling and protect you from scorching heat. The AC port tents not only give you relief from summers but also used for an adequately ventilated tent. These can be made through DIY methods too, but then you need to be careful as it turns out to be a disaster in some cases.

Buyer’s Guide: What to ensure while buying a tent with AC port

  • Select polyester fabric with a silicone coating because it is highly durable.
  • Make sure the tent is waterproof, and seams are properly stitched.
  • Check that the vent is large enough for an AC to fit into it, and the opening is the exact size as the AC.
  • Consider buying a double-layered to provide better insulation.
  • Always read the reviews and identify the problem associated with the product.

Best Tent

Despite being a great concept, there are very few options available in the market. Since we do not want you to get confused by giving you multiple options. Here is the best one which fulfills all the criteria.

Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet 12-Person Tent

Price: $300.79

Dimensions: 52.4 x 14.2 x 12.6 inches

This is an instant cabin tent with pre-attached poles that just need unfolding and extension. It is large enough to accommodate twelve people having an area of 16′ x 16′. It can fit three queen airbeds and pitches in 2 minutes. The tent is well ventilated with seven windows, and the ground vent is large enough to provide an air conditioner into it. It also has two internal room dividers keeping the sleeping area and living area separate. 

  1. It is spacious and well ventilated.
  2. The center is high enough for a tall person to stand comfortably without touching the tent’s ceiling.
  3. AC ports provide you the feeling of home away from home.
  1. Disassembling the tent becomes quite tricky sometimes when the poles do not collapse.
  2. It is a little more expensive than the budget ones.

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Summers are painful if proper attention is not paid to the comfort, and these tents help you make your season and camping better. Just make sure you select the right one, keeping in mind all the essential factors while buying.