Best Heated Blankets for Camping

Best Heated Blankets for Camping

While we are camping, we often like sitting in the open but do not want to feel the winter chills and later catch a cold and fall ill. With the technological advancements, there is a variety of heated camping blankets that operates on batteries and performs tremendously in keeping you warm.

Since the market is full of products, it is often confusing to select the best without investing much time and energy. We have made it easy for you! This article lists the top heated blankets, and you can easily pick one for yourself as these are selected after a considerable amount of research.

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Product TitleStalwart 75 H- blanketSoftHeat Electric BlanketSunbeam Heated Blanket
Dimensions15 x 15 x 5 inches12.5 x 15.5 x 10 inches7 x 11 x 13 inches
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Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Price: $34.04

This heated blanket comes with a thermofine technology to adjust the heat. It also had 10 heat settings to operate and control the warmth manually. The fabric is one of its kind and works on multiple levels providing you comfort and soothing your muscles and getting rid of body ache.

  1. It comes with the thermofine technology auto-adjusts for consistent heat control.
  2. Safe for machine wash and dryer.
  • Some uses complain about the blanket malfunction and don’t last long.

Beautyrest Poncho Blanket

Price: $47.75

With this blanket, you can stay in style while being outdoors and protect yourself from cold. It has three heat settings, which can be used to adjust the temperature. It can be used anywhere and everywhere without much hassle, and the fabric is soft to snuggle and stay in your maximum comfort.

  1. Auto shut-off function after 2 hours prevents overheating.
  2. It can be hand washed or easily washed in machines too.
  1. Compatible only with the US and Canada current.
  2. Uneven distribution of heat.

SoftHeat Electric Blanket

Price: $72.99

This heated blanket works on a low voltage technology making it one of the best among all the other available options. It is backed with a small power supply box that changes AC home current into non-hazardous low voltage DC to provide warmth, protection, and safety even in case the blanket becomes wet.

  1. Zoned heating and easy to use dual controllers makes it a convenient option.
  2. The unique preheat feature allows you to warm your entire bed before jumping on to it.
  1. Some reviews suggest that it is not a durable product.
  2. Expensive.

Sojoy 12V Heated Smart Blanket

Price: $24.99

This soft blanket comes equipped with a thermostat and three power switch controls for added heat and comfort. It is quick to heat-up and an excellent accessory for cold winters. This saves on battery and you will love it once you get this for yourself!

  1. Auto shut down button with timers of 30, 45, and 60 minutes.
  2. Quick to warm
  1. It does not have a long life.

Stalwart 75 H- blanket

Price: $25.28

This is again, a fantastic product. It keeps you warm while you’re on the way to camping and at the destination too. It is fabricated from 100% polyester fleece, and this sizable electric blanket stays warm until you plug it out and is comfortable, functional, and safe to use. 

  1. It is large enough to cover you adequately.
  2. It heats up quickly and stays warm.
  1. It needs constant unplugging, or it gets too hot.
  2. It feels a bit stiff.


Having looked at the most in-demand camping heated blankets and studying each one in detail, we have found that the best one is SoftHeat Electric Blanket, as it fulfills all the requirements and doesn’t limit itself to being used at camping only. You can use it anywhere and stay warm!